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Magazine eDreams launches

eDreams Magazine Launches

We are excited to announce our newest creation, eDreams Magazine! eDreams Magazine is a seasonal, digital magazine inspired by all of you: The avid travellers, the passionate discoverers and the curious souls. The magazine, which is in […]

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Autumn in Andalucia

Tourism Tips for a Holiday in Andalucia in Autumn

With brilliant shades of gold, amber and burnt orange, Autumn leaves adorn the landscape in Andalucia this season, lending even more charm to this part of Spain. Comprised of eight provinces including Almeria, Cadiz, Cordoba, Granada, Huelva, […]

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Abandoned amusement park in Spreepark, Berlin

Hauntingly Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Places -Part 2

October 31st is just a mere two weeks away and we’re continuing our Halloween indulgences. From the scary to the downright creepy, we’re taking in all of the holiday traditions like choosing the best Halloween costumes, […]

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Day of the Dead Halloween

Best Halloween Costumes 2014

Dressing up, great parties and delicious treats. There is so much to love about Halloween! Our favorite part of the holiday of course, are the Halloween costumes, and it seems that they get better and more […]

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Hauntingly Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Places

As the Halloween holiday nears,  scary costumes, ghost stories and frightening settings are just a few things that come to mind. Well, in honor of the spookiest time of year, we’re giving Halloween a little touristic […]

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airplane wifi

List of Airlines Offering Inflight WiFi

WiFi is everywhere, from cafes to bus stops, trains to airports, it’s a service that people on the go value highly. Unfortunately the WiFi craze hasn’t reached its fullest potential yet. Though frequent fliers have made […]

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edreams my booking

How to Change Your eDreams Flight or Hotel Booking

If you already have your holidays planned, then changing the dates of your flight or hotel can be extremely irritating. To make it as easy as possible, in this post we will give you a step-by-step […]

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featured image travel quotes

The Most Inspiring Travel Quotes

One of the most inspirational experiences in life is a trip to a foreign land, whether it be to a new city in your country or to a faraway land with a culture different from your […]

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halloween treats

20 Scary Halloween Treats to Make

Halloween is right around the corner, and though your trick-or-treating days may be long past, you can still prepare some tasty treats, both sweet and savory and throw a scary soirée. Here are 20 scary Halloween […]

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The 10 Best National Parks in Europe

There are hundreds of parks in Europe, some of which have even been declared a patrimony of humanity by UNESCO´s World Heritage Centre. We´re packing our backpack and taking our hiking boots along an expedition through […]

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