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edreams fly and win raffle

Participate in the eDreams Fly and Win Raffle

If you need another reason to book your flights with eDreams, here it is: during the month of September you can win a voucher worth half the price of your flight to use on your next […]

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bondi beach pool australia

The Most Breathtaking Swimming Pools in the World

In the heat of summer sunshine (we know you just started singing), there’s nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool. If you’re not lucky enough to live by the beach, a good option to […]

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berlin bike

The Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World

Growing concern about the environment and the increasing popularity of alternative transport have encouraged many countries to make their cities more bicycle-friendly. This is good news for travelers on a budget as it is much cheaper […]

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Black cab

Taxis Around the World

If you have travelled you will have noticed that taxis vary in shape and size depending on the country you are in. In fact, most tourists love a ride in a foreign taxi because many countries […]

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Beware of these Travel Scams and Ripoffs

Thanks to the low cost airlines and our ability to book flights from the comfort of our homes, or even on the go from our cell phones, flying is becoming more and more accessible to all. […]

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airplane wifi

List of Airlines Offering Inflight WiFi

WiFi is everywhere, from cafes to bus stops, trains to airports, it’s a service that people on the go value highly. Unfortunately the WiFi craze hasn’t reached its fullest potential yet. Though frequent fliers have made […]

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signs distance_55962841

Find Out Your Ideal Holiday Destination {Quiz}

Always daydreaming about your next holiday destination? If you’re having trouble thinking of a destination that best suits you, we’re here to lend you a helping hand. All you have to do is select your budget […]

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Travel Bloggers You Should Be Following on Twitter

There are some great travel bloggers our there, but here are the ones that really made an impression (in no particular order) ! We asked them to tell us a thing or two about their adventures […]

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free travel apps

Completely Free Travel Apps

However sad it may be, we have to admit that most us of live literally stuck to our cell phones, but sometimes our phones can get us out of a tough situation, especially when it comes […]

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giraffe manor

The World’s Most Insanely Cool Hotels

Of the many types of travelers, there are usually two sides that oppose each other: the first is someone who thinks of places to visit, not putting too much importance on where they’ll be sleeping because […]

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