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UK Easter Week Trends: Top Destinations, Airlines and Busiest Airports

Easter is here and for many that means holidays are as well. With the weather improving notably across Europe (and for once this even includes the UK!) the thought of getting away, even if just for […]

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Amazing-Spider-Man 2

Win a Trip to New York With “The Amazing Spider – Man 2″

To celebrate the release of the movie “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Rise of Electro“, we want to take you to New York, the home of Peter Parker and the city where Spider-Man constantly risks his […]

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eDreams iPhone app

Book Flights for Less with the eDreams iPhone App

Have you heard? Our new, improved, fast and easy-to-use eDreams iPhone app is out! We want you to have access to the best flight deals whenever and wherever you go, and the best part, with just a simple […]

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Creative and Colorful Easter Eggs!

Easter is normally associated with spring, longer and brighter days, colorful flowers…and of course, decorating Easter eggs! This year we want to give you a creative push and show you just what you can do with a bit of paint […]

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Buckingham Palace

The Do’s and Don’ts for a Holiday in England

Like any other country, England has its own set of cultural rules and typical customs. Before visiting this varied and multicultural country, it’s worth to know beforehand what we’re getting into – what to expect, what to accept and […]

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Mobile study

ON/OFF: Holiday Travel with Smartphones

It’s no secret that many of us are addicted to smartphones. Whether we rely on them to communicate, stay informed or be in constant contact with our friends, we can’t deny that these devices have somehow […]

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7 Curious Easter Traditions Around the World

For many of us Easter means being close to our most loved ones, resting or travelling to a new place and eating lots of chocolate bunnies, eggs and whatnot. Yet did you know that in some […]

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Spring Traditions Across the Globe

Spring is here and with it come the festivities! Here are some traditions celebrated by communities in different corners of the world. Wherever you head off to this season, you´ll be in for a treat! The […]

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25 Things to Do in Athens

There is no other city like Athens, where the ancient and the contemporary mix so harmoniously together. When it comes to leisure and fun, the city offers its visitors countless choices that leave no wish unfulfilled. […]

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domingo! : now even more user-friendly

domingo! , the social travel app launched in September 2013, is now even more exciting! With more features and listed destinations, travellers are able to check prices, access special deals, make reservations and connect with other travel enthusiasts. Its so easy […]

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