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uk easter holidays featured image

UK Easter Week Trends: Top Destinations, Airlines and Busiest Airports

Easter is here and for many that means holidays are as well. With the weather improving notably across Europe (and for once this even includes the UK!) the thought of getting away, even if just for […]

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Flying While Pregnant Rules By Airline

Are you pregnant and planning to travel by plane? Not sure if you have to have “Fit to Fly” written permission from your doctor or midwife before travel? This topic can be especially confusing as each […]

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easyJet Hand Luggage and Checked Baggage Allowances

easyJet is one of the most flown low cost airlines in Europe. Even though the easyJet hand luggage and checked baggage allowances may not be as strict as those of Ryanair, or other airline companies, just […]

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The Luck of the Irish

Everyone is Irish on the 17th of March! St. Patrick´s Day is a time when everything turns green, not only in Ireland but across the globe. With all the green food, green ale, green clothes, and […]

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UK christmas holidays 2013 top destinations

British Travel Trends – Christmas Holidays

Where are the Brits going this holiday season? While some just head one city over to have Christmas dinner with the family at Grandma’s house, some are catching flights to new destinations or back to old […]

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ryanair luggage sizes

Ryanair Flight Tips

Is there anything better than finding a super cheap flight? With low cost airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, etc. it’s never been easier (or more affordable) to become a globetrotter.  In 2012, Ryanair flew over 75 […]

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autumn holidays warmest destinations in southern europe

Where to Go for Sunny Autumn Holidays

Autumn Holidays are right around the corner in the UK and Northern Ireland and that means its another chance to escape. During the month of October the UK isn’t exactly known for its sunny weather (check […]

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sleep in airport

Rome Airport Guide – Fiumicino

Rome is the capital of Italy, and one of the country’s main transportation hubs. In this metropolis you can find travelers from all over the world looking to discover, or re-discover, the wonders of the Eternal […]

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infant baggage allowance

Infant Baggage Allowance by Airline

When traveling by airplane we need to consider the baggage allowance for ourselves, both cabin and checked luggage. But when traveling with children or infants, there are also specific allowances depending on the airline. Because this […]

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british summer holidays 2013 featured

Where Do the British Spend their Summer Holidays [Infographic]

Summer is here and many of you have already chosen the destination for your next holiday. Is it the beach? The mountains? An island? Your own country? Across the world? Would you like to know which […]

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