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Don’t Fly Ryanair Without Reading This First

Is there anything better than finding a super cheap flight? With budget carriers it’s never been easier or more affordable to become a globetrotter. However, sometimes that is only in theory as low cost airlines are […]

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Low cost Barcelona

Low Cost Guide to Barcelona

Barcelona, the lively and intriguing Catalan capital, is one of Europe’s most popular cities and an absolute favorite among locals and tourists! As we have already shared with you the 30 things you must experience when […]

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Hand Luggage and Checked Baggage Allowance by Airline

The policy for suitcase sizes for cabin luggage and checked bags always depends on the airline that operates your flight. Low cost airlines tend to have smaller hand luggage allowances while the traditional airlines tend to […]

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UK Easter Week Trends: Top Destinations, Airlines and Busiest Airports

Easter is here and for many that means holidays are as well. With the weather improving notably across Europe (and for once this even includes the UK!) the thought of getting away, even if just for […]

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Flying While Pregnant Rules By Airline

Are you pregnant and planning to travel by plane? Not sure if you have to have “Fit to Fly” written permission from your doctor or midwife before travel? This topic can be especially confusing as each […]

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easyJet Hand Luggage and Checked Baggage Allowances

easyJet is one of the most flown low cost airlines in Europe. Even though the easyJet hand luggage and checked baggage allowances may not be as strict as those of Ryanair, or other airline companies, just […]

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Ryanair Plans to Offer Flights to the United States for Less Than 15 Euros

Talking about a good bargain! Michael O’Leary, president of the low cost airline, claims that Ryanair will offer flights to the United States for less than 15 euros as soon as the company purchases the necessary […]

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The Luck of the Irish

Everyone is Irish on the 17th of March! St. Patrick´s Day is a time when everything turns green, not only in Ireland but across the globe. With all the green food, green ale, green clothes, and […]

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The Worst Airport Nightmares

The thought of going on holiday is always pleasant, but many of us dread a trip to the airport. And with good reason! No one enjoys long queues, waiting around for hours or tedious body scans. We all […]

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Ryanair Now Operates Flights with Assigned Seats

If you are a Ryanair frequent flyer, you will be pleased to know that as of February 1, 2014 you are able to reserve a seat on any of their aircraft. The Irish company has decided […]

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