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Ryanair Flight Tips

Posted November 27, 2013 12 Comments


Is there anything better than finding a super cheap flight? With low cost airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, etc. it’s never been easier (or more affordable) to become a globetrotter.  In 2012, Ryanair flew over 75 million passengers, making it the largest low cost airline in Europe. And the low fares airline has no plans to stop anytime soon, as they expect to carry more than 80 million passengers this year. With numbers like these, there’s a very high probability that you will be booking a Ryanair flight when the low cost travel bug bites you. Below you’ll find a easy-to-read guide with all you need to know about Ryanair so can get from destination to destination without any hiccups.

Important Note: All prices displayed below are per one way flight

1. The Booking Process on

Buying the ticket

Depending on what type of debit/credit card you use there is an administration fee applied to your total charge. If you pay with a credit card or a Mastercard Prepaid card there is a fee of 2% of the total transaction value

Travelling VIP

If you would like to be able to board first or reserve a seat ahead of time there are two options available:

  • Priority Boarding: €7/£7 per passenger
  • Reserved Seating: €10/£10 per passenger

Special Passenger Rules

If you are pregnant or plan to buy a ticket for a passenger under the age of 16 it is important to know the following information:

  • Pregnant Women: Once an uncomplicated pregnancy enters its 28th week, expectant mothers are required to carry a ‘fit to fly’ letter completed by their doctor. This letter should be dated within 2 weeks of your booked flight and presented at either the bag drop desk and/or the boarding gate.
  • Children Under 16: Unaccompanied minors under 16 years of age cannot fly with Ryanair. Children under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by a passenger over 16 years. Escort and special facilities are not provided.

Travelling with an Infant

infant baggage allowance ryanair

  • Infant Fee: €30/£30 per infant, per one-way flight

Please note: The infant must be under 2 years for both legs of the flight (inbound/outbound)

  • Infant Equipment: 1 pushchair per child is free, €10/£10 per additional item (booster, travel cot) per one-way flight with a maximum weight of 20kg each item.

Baggage and Equipment

ryanair luggage dimensions

Hand Luggage: Restricted to one item of cabin baggage per passenger and as of December 2013, passengers may also bring on-board one additional personal item (handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera, etc.).

  • Max weight – 10kg
  • Dimensions main piece of cabin baggage – 55cm x 40cm x 20cm
  • Dimensions additional personal item – 35cm x 20cm x 20cm

Checked Luggage: If you would like to check baggage the prices differ depending on the weight of the bag and the time of year you are flying.

Prices for checked baggage purchased during online booking process:

  • 1st bag (15kg) low season*:  €15/£15
  • 1st bag (15kg) high season**: €25/£25
  • 1st bag (20kg) low season:  €25/£25
  • 1st bag (20kg) high season: €35/£35

Prices for checked baggage purchased at airport:

  • 1st bag (15kg):  €30/£30 (As of December 2013)
  • 1st bag (20kg) low season:  €75/£75
  • 1st bag (20kg) high season: €105/£105
  • 2nd bag (15kg) low season: €105/£105
  • 2nd bag (15kg) high season: €135/£135

Sports Equipment: €50/£50 per item (max weight 20kg, bicycles max 30kg and must be contained in a protective box or bag)
Musical Instruments: €50/£50 per item (max weight 20kg)

*Low season: 26/04/12 – 31/5/12 | 01/10/12 – 20/12/12 | 05/01/13 – 31/05/13

**High season:  01/06/12 – 30/09/12 | 21/12/12 – 04/01/13

2. Once the Ticket is Purchased

Making Changes to the Reservation

  • Flight Change Fees: €40/£40 (during booking process) €45/£45 (at airport)
  • Name Change Fee: €110/£110 (during booking process) €160/£160 (at airport)

3. Online check-in

All passengers must check-in online from 15 days up to the deadline of 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.

To check-in online: Go to the Manage my Booking section on and print out boarding passes. If you do not have baggage to check, you can go straight to the security check point with your boarding pass.

4. At the Airport

Passengers are required to print boarding passes during the online check-in deadline. Passengers failing to do so will be charged a re-issue fee:

  • Boarding Pass Re-Issue Fee: €15/£15 for passengers who have completed online check-in (As of December 2013); €70/£70 for passengers who have not checked-in online at least 4 hours before scheduled flight departure.

Baggage passing the defined weight limits are subject to fees per extra kilogram:

  • Excess Baggage Fee: €20/£20 per kg

Hand luggage that does not pass the bag gauge at the boarding gate will need to be checked:

  • Checking Luggage at Departure Gate:  €50/£50

All Ryanair flights require passengers to travel with valid documentation.

  • Accepted Documents:  A valid passport, a valid UN Refugee Convention Travel Document, or a valid A valid Collective Passport issued by an EU/EEA country.

5. On the Plane

  • Beverages and snacks aren’t complimentary on Ryanair flights but are available for purchase. Drinks run around €3/£3 and snacks like crisps start at €2/£2.
  • The Ryanair Magazine is complimentary and free to take with you on all flights.

Have a tip for flying with Ryanair or other low cost airlines? Comment below and share the knowledge.

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  • Izzy

    I am 16 years of age will I be able to travel with Ryanair?

    • chelsea

      Hi Izzy,
      Yes, if you are 16 you may fly with Ryanair unaccompanied.

    • Chelsea

      Children Under 16: Ryanair does not carry unaccompanied minors under 16
      years of age. Children under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by
      a passenger over 16 years. Escort and special facilities are not

  • Izzy

    Can a 16 year old fly with Ryanair?

  • Travel Guides

    Nice info…

    • Clint Cox

      Can anyone figure out what the baggage fees would be on RyanAir for two checked bags (one 30 lbs and one 50 lbs)?

  • Travel Guides

    Thanks for the post, This was exactly what I needed to see.Good list, keep up
    the good work.

    • Chelsea

      Thanks for the compliment and glad we could be of help!

  • v scott

    can I take a laptop with no other hand luggage without being charged. Laptop is below hand luggage dimensions but above second piece of hand luggage dimensions.